About Us

Laurel International President Randy Liu, third from the left, with an American delegation in China.

Laurel International is a consulting firm that specializes in designing, arranging, and providing for professional and educational exchange programs between the United States and China. Laurel offers unique opportunities and services through its network of connected institutions, primary and secondary schools, universities, corporations, government agencies and non-profit organizations. In today’s world of globalization, students and professionals of both countries are seeking to appreciate cultural and educational differences, and to benefit from their counterpart’s strengths and weaknesses. Due to China’s recent rise as an economic powerhouse, further opportunities for Sino-American relationships are being established, and Laurel International provides the unique connections and services for its clients to take advantage of promising opportunities.

Laurel International was established in 1992, providing and designing professional exchange programs for Chinese government agencies, non-profit organizations, institutions, and private companies. After consistently providing for a high level of customer satisfaction, Laurel International was able to develop strong relationships with various bodies of organizations in the United States and China, propelling Laurel to further specialize in providing for unique and competitive Educational and Professional Exchange Programs.