Welcome to Laurel Int'l
K-16 Cultural and Education Exchange
Laurel International Corp. is a Maryland-based company dedicated to promoting cultural and educational exchanges between K-16 students, teachers and administrators in Ameria  and China.  

Since its founding in 1992, we have offered countless opportunities for the youth and professionals in both countries to communicate and interact through our wide-spread networks in K-16 schools, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and companies. These opportunities take the form of sister school partnerships, summer exchange programs, agricultural programs, law school programs and professional training programs.  
The video was made by Ms. Sato, who travelled with students to China in 2015. Enjoy!

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Expertise Highlight
What sets us apart from others
The only company in Washington metropolitan area providing school partnership services
Actively involved in the whole process of creating and maintaining partnerships
Highly rated by schools and parents involved
Achieved a zero-accident record over the past 10 years
Made a longstanding and far-reaching impact on participating students and families


Being a member of Best Business Bureau, National Tour Association and American Society of Travel Agents enabled us to better comply with rules and regulations of making international travel arrangement.